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About Us

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Inspired by the tropical islands of the Philippines and the grace of femininity, Maria Swim is born.


We have been the bestest of friends since we can remember. Our friendship started when we wore the same shirt to school and from that time, we had this unspoken pact of being each other’s person. It sprung to sleepovers, weekend swims, and Mara practicing her make-up skills on my face. Today that we’re in our mid 20s, a fun time for self-discovery, we continue to have each other’s back and check up on each other’s growth. 

We aim to make women feel empowered in wearing our suits. We believe that swimwear is more than just a garment, but an armor that a woman wears to celebrate femininity. 

Immaculate fit, quality, and durability are the things we keep in mind in designing our suits. 

We have developed a system with strong attention to detail in every stage of our production. From designing the right and flattering cuts, to sampling in different body types as we value representation and carry sizes up to 2XL, and testing. We surfed, dove, and swam in it to ensure that our suits stay on in the water before we make them available for you.

We also find it important to minimize our waste in producing our suits. We undergo a production process that ensures that the fabric cut is the exact measurement to be used for production. On top of that, we use recycled wrapping paper for our packaging, which you can reuse. 

Maria Swim is about female connection, a community that celebrates femininity. 

We are so grateful for you for spending your precious time with us and all the hands and hearts that has brought us to where we are now. You are all awesome. 


Mara and Denisse

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